Enjoy more than 50 tastings and taste in excess of 300 wines per year!

General Info

  • Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at the Morningside Country Club (Tennis Clubhouse).
  • Tastings are held on Wednesdays and start at 19h00. Exceptions do occur – please consult the Tasting Calendar.
  • Tasting Fee: R50.00
  • Annual Membership: Free!
    As per the Cellar Rats Constitution: “Any person shall only become a member of the wine club once they have attended their fifth tasting during the previous six month period. Current members shall only remain members as long as they have attended at least 5 tastings during the previous 6 months.”
  • Most tastings are open to anyone, but occasionally we hold “booked” tastings. Booked tastings are indicated on our Tasting Calendar. Members get priority for booked tastings (a member is someone who has attended 5 tastings in the preceding 6 months).


Cellar Rats wine tastings are held at the Tennis Clubhouse at the Morningside Country Club. There is a pub which is open until late, and there are plenty of restaurants in the vicinity – The Club is just across Rivonia Rd from the McDonalds & Rivonia Junction (old Porterhouse/Millers Pub), behind the Zenex garage. Drive to the end of De la Rey Rd – off Rivonia Rd and 7th Ave – and park in the car-park … Walk past the pub (on your LHS) and bowling greens (on your RHS), past the man on the grassy knoll, towards the tennis courts.

Tasting Etiquette

Please respect the wine and other tasters by not wearing aftershaves and perfumes to the tasting. It would also be appreciated if smokers could avoid smoking just prior to entering the tasting room as the lingering smoke also affects the smell of the wines. Please could we ask that you also brief your guests on this courtesy when you invite them.

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