Thanks to all 51 Cellar Rats members who supported us. For those of you who couldn’t make it, the great news is that we won.

Cellar Rats won the overall competition. In addition we had the Top Novice taster (Rob Love 49pts), and Rudi Hiestermann won the Top Individual Taster prize with an incredible score of 67/70. He aced all 7 varietals and only missed on 3 of the vintages! A remarkable feat, and one that we’re not likely to see repeated again soon.

Thanks to Geoff Carter for putting together a great selection of wines, and thanks to all those who helped with the setup, pouring wines and marking the score sheets.

Once again Reinhold treated us to his wonderful saucy prego’s, the enduring queue for 2nd’s & 3rd’s being testament to their popularity.

If the measure of a party is the time it shuts down, this was certainly a goody … the last folk left well after 2AM!

Well done to Rudi, Rob and all the other Rats for a great performance, and a SPECIAL THANKS to VATS for hosting a lovely evening!


Rudi Hiesterman


Ken Bruyns

3Tie 3rd

Rob Love
Sophia Dower

Tie 5th

Brett Russell
Maureen Carr

Tie 7th

Christopher Cosgrove
Jeanette Odgers
Robyn Wallace
Wayne Brunyee

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