Congratulations to Shelly who was our top taster. Also thanks to Geoff for setting up the tasting although as Bernd from Vats has pointed out, we aren’t a big fan of him introducing the evening with Pinot Gris! A curveball to start!

Many thanks to Vats for a fun evening!

Thank you to all the Rats who attended and hopefully you all had fun. We look forward to repeating the fun event next year.

The Top ten for Rats were as follows:

Shelly DeBeer 59
Rudi Hiestermann 51
Petra Preuss 41
Bruce Carrie 40
Christopher 40
Daniel Spies 37
Brett Russell 31
Catrina 30
Christine Kennedy 29
Ronel Arnold 28

Rats total Score 386 and Vats 335

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