A fun evening was held at Bryanston Country Club for the Geoff Carter Wine Tasting Trophy competition. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us. It was a very close competition, with Rats losing out by 4 points. This is the closest finish the two teans have ever head! — Well done VATS!

Once again a “novice” was the top taster (for both Rats & VATS) – Well done to Este who flew the Rats flag with aplomb.

Thanks to VATS for their hospitality and to Kevin Ryan for his excellent choice of wines!
Rats Top Ten Tasters:

1 Este Booysen (Novice) – 40
2 Carl Wagner / Laura Kirker /Rudi Hiestermann – 39
5 Terry Odgers – 38
6 Sue Brown – 31
7 Dirco Swart / Gareth Warner / Brett Chrystal – 30
10 Bruce Carrie / Robyn Luke – 29

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