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Tasting notes: Leipzig winery 28 February 2018

The wines from Leipzig winery in the Nuy valley, Worcester, presented by Secret Sommelier, Katherine Prinsloo. Download Tasting Notes PDF:Leipzig 280218

Tasting notes: KWV luxury blends 21 February 2018 KWV’s red blends, with emphasis on the premier brands, presented by Inland brand ambassador, Jeff. Download Tasting Notes PDF:KWV blends 210218

Tasting notes: Valentines Random Selection 14 February 2018

A random selection of wines for Valentine’s day, chosen and presented by Christopher. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Random selection 140218

Tasting notes: Doolhof 7 February 2018

A selection of wines from Doolhof winery in Bains Pass, Wellington, presented by General manager, Johan Du Toit. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Doolhof 070218

Tasting notes: Around the world 31 January 2018

A selection of local and international wines presented by Christopher. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Around the world 310118