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Tasting notes: Val du Charron 19 September 2018

Wines from Val du Charron, Bovlei Valley, Wellington.  Presented by owner Cathey Entwisle. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Val du Charron 190918

Tasting notes: Benguela Cove 29 August 2018

Wines from Benguela Cove, Bot Rivier Lagoon, presented by wine maker, Johann Fourie. Download Tasting Notes PDF:Benguela Cove 290818

Tasting notes: Rickety Bridge 15 August 2018

Wines from Rickety Bridge, Franschhoek, presented by wine maker, Wynand Grobler. Download Tasting Notes PDF:Rickety Bridge 150818

Tasting notes: Portuguese 1 August 2018

A selection of mid value wines from Portugal, presented by Anton Pispeki of Wines of the World Download Tasting Notes PDF: Portuguese mid 18 010818

Tasting notes: Bordeaux 25 July 2018

Wines of Bordeaux from producer & negotiant, Schroder & Schyler, presented by Rudi. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Kirwan 240718