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A fun evening was held at Bryanston Country Club for the Geoff Carter Wine Tasting Trophy competition. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us. It was a very close competition, with Rats losing out by 4 points. This is the closest finish the two teans have ever head![…] Read More →


Well done Rats, beating VATS by 411 points to 263 … hopefully the beginning of another winning streak. Special kudos to Joanne Bender who was both the Top Novice and Top Taster of the evening! Thanks to Kevin Ryan for a excellent selection of wines which generally showed varietal character.[…] Read More →

Beaumont Challenge Past Years’ Winners

2010 – VATS Shiraz 2009 – Cellar Rats Shiraz 2008 – Cellar Rats Shiraz 2007 – VATS Shiraz 2006 – VATS Shiraz 2005 – Cellar Rats Pinotage 2004 – Cellar Rats Pinotage 2003 – Cellar Rats Pinotage 2002 – VATS Pinotage 2001 – Cellar Rats Pinotage 2000 – VATS Pinotage[…] Read More →

RATS-VATS: Past Years’ Winners


Congratulations to VATS for their success on Tuesday evening. Dave put a very interesting selection together with a couple of stinkers for both red and whites! Tough one but the VATS came through with 426 to our 384 points. Thanks to VATS for hosting a fun evening with the very[…] Read More →