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Tasting notes: Meinert 19 June 2019

Wines of Meinert Family wines, from Stellenbosch and Elgin, presented by wine maker, Brendan Butler.

Tasting notes: Saxenburg 29 May 2019

Selection of wines from Saxenburg, Stellenbosch, presented by National Sales Manager, Kerry Sutherland.

Tasting notes: Arra 30 May

Wines from Arra vineyards buy real viagra online cheap in Stellenbosch, presented by Brand Ambassador, Catherine Prinsloo. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Arra 300518

Tasting notes: Axe Hill 25 April 2018

Wine from Axe Hill in Calitzdorp, presented by winemaker Mike Neebe. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Axe Hill cialis acheter 250418

Tasting notes: AGM 11 April 2018

A random selection allez lien of wines selected and presented by Christopher after the AGM. Download Tasting Notes PDF:AGM 110418