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Tasting notes: Star Hill 2 May 2018

A selection of wines from Star Hill winery, Tredeuax Heights near Montague, presented by General Manager, Harry Dare. Download Tasting Notes PDF:Star Hill 020518

Tasting notes: Bizoe 18 April 2018

A selection of wines from independent winemaker, Rikus Neethling, based in Croydon Estate, Stellenbosch. Download Tasting Notes PDF:Bizoe 180418

Tasting notes: Portuguese Gems 28 March

A range of Portuguese wines recently imported by Wines of the World, presented by Anton Pispeki. Download Tasting Notes PDF:Portuguese 280318

Tasting notes: Post House 14 March 2018

Wines from Post House, Stellenbosch, presented by Brand representative, Katherine Prinsloo. Download Tasting Notes PDF:Post House 140318

Tasting notes: Survivor 7 March 2018

Wines under the Survivor brand, predominantly from the Swartland, presented by Tania Burger, Marketing Manager. Download Tasting Notes PDF:Survivor 070318