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Tasting notes: Round the World 14 November 2018

A selection of wines from around the world, with no specific focus, presented by Christopher. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Round the world 141118

Tasting notes: Cinsault 7 November 2018

An example of Cinsault wines from around South Africa, with on some produced by Natte Vallei.  Presented by Rudi. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Cinsault 071118

Tasting notes: Waterford 31 October 2018

Wines from Waterford, Stellenbosch, presented by JHB sales representative, Brooke. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Waterford 311018

Tasting notes: BLANKbottle 10 October 2018

Wines from BLANKbottle, but Pieter Walser who creates wines without focusing on the varietal, but rather the story.  Presented by Brett Chrystal . Download Tasting Notes PDF: BLANKbottle 101018

Tasting notes: Val du Charron 19 September 2018

Wines from Val du Charron, Bovlei Valley, Wellington.  Presented by owner Cathey Entwisle. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Val du Charron 190918