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Tasting notes: Kaapzicht 4 July 2018

Wines from Kaapzicht, Stellenbosch, presented by Brand Ambassador, Jo. Download Tasting Notes PDF:Kaapzicht 040718

Tasting notes: Unusual varietals 27 June 2018

Unusual South African varietals selected and presented by Christopher. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Unusual varietals 270618

Tasting notes: Balance 20 June 2018

Wines from the Overhex co-op in Worcester, presented by head winemaker, Ben Snyman. Download Tasting Notes PDF: Balance 200618

Tasting notes: Impromptu 13 June 2018

A selection of red wines pulled together at the last minute, presented by Christopher Download Tasting Notes PDF: Impromptu 130618

Tasting notes: Practice tasting 16 May 2018

Typical varietals presented blind by Rudi in preparation for the Rats/Vats Geoff Carter Tasting Trophy Download Tasting Notes PDF: Practice 160518