AGM 6 February – please RSVP for wine catering purposes.

February 6, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Morningside Country Club, Tennis Club
R50 for the tasting evening.


Please RSVP for wine catering purposes.


The current committee will be standing again.


Here is the procedure for those who are interested.








If you would like to stand for the committee, or if you would like to nominate someone to stand, please follow this procedure:




Step 1: Check with the person whom you intend to nominate. Do they want to stand? Do they have the time & commitment to serve on the committee? As a committee member, they are pretty much obliged to attend most tastings, unless they have a valid reason to be absent. They are expected to assist with the pouring of wines and arrangement of the venue. They will be expected to take responsibility for one (or more) of the menial tasks (eg. weekly washing of glasses, tablecloths, arranging the venue, etc.). They are expected to attend the monthly committee meetings. If the answer to ALL these questions is “Yes”, then proceed to Step 2.


Step 2: Email me with your WRITTEN nomination, plus WRITTEN acceptance by the nominee. Please CONFIRM RECEIPT with me by 17h00 on the day of the AGM.

OR: If BOTH you and the nominee plan to be present on the night, you may make a verbal nomination on the night.




  1. Whilst non-members are welcome to attend the AGM and enjoy the tasting afterwards, non-members will not be allowed to vote.


  1. Six people will be voted on to the committee. If six or less people stand for election, no vote will be necessary and all will be elected to the committee. If more than six people stand for the committee then voting will take place as follows:


  1. Each member present will be provided one voting form plus one for each PROXY they hold (see below for Proxies).


  1. The names of the candidates will be read out and members must fill them in on the voting form.


  1. Members will then make a mark next to the names of up to 6 people they wish to vote for.


  1. If a member marks more than six names, the ballot will be considered “spoiled” and will not be counted.


The new committee will be comprised of the six people who earn the most votes. The new committee will decide on portfolios at their first committee meeting.




If you cannot attend the AGM (and are a member) you may give someone your proxy to vote. All proxies MUST BE IN WRITING. No verbal proxies will be accepted. Hand-written, printed, email, SMS or faxed proxies are acceptable (please include your contact telephone number as the person giving the proxy). All proxies must be declared prior to voting taking place. The incumbent committee reserves the right to validate proxies. Proxies that cannot be validated by the time of voting will not be admissible.


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