Please note: The following should be sung to the tune of “We Are The Champions … Again”, that delightful ditty by Frikkie Mercury, cross-dressing queen of Yeoville

It was a dark and stormy night … and VATS never knew what hit them!

Cellar Rats have made it five in a row … we are now the undisputed heavyweight wine tasting sonofabitchfinkelsteinshithot-champions of Gauteng !!! (well, the northern suburbs at least)

Once again we made a clean sweep, taking honors for the Best Taster, Best Novice, and Top Club … Congratulations go to Alexandra McConville (Best Taster) for her stunning score of 67(she got 7 of the 8 cultivars and 4 of the vintages correct). It goes to show what practice, hard work, and a robust liver can do … WELL DONE ALEX!

Congratulations also go to Quentin (Best Novice) who scored a very respectable 40, putting him in our top 10 for the evening.

AND – most importantly – congratulations to EVERY Rats member who arrived at the tasting and supported us … Our championship-winning score was 504 vs. VATS’ 402 … a veritable drubbing, a massacre, a right thumping! Surely this must go down in the annals of VATS history as “Black Tuesday”?

A special mention must go to Sarah Newton, without whose coaching we would no doubt have struggled – Thanks Sarah!

To put our victory in perspective, the top VATS taster of the evening scored 51 out of a possible 80 (a very respectable score by any standards) … our AVERAGE score was 50.4!

As a Cellar Rats member you must certainly be thinking “Gosh, the air is thin up here!” .. and with good reason too! Five wins in a row, each more convincing than the last, is something we can be VERY proud of …. WELL DONE CELLAR RATS !

Top 10 Scores follow:

1. Alexandra McConville – 67 (Top taster overall)
2. Sarah Newton – 59
3. Rudi “I’m back on form” Hiestermann – 58
4. Jules Jackson – 50
5. Tim Jackson & Sam Linsell – 49
7. Ian Grant – 48
8. Keith Bowen & Christopher Cosgrove – 42
10. Claire Grant, Jeanette Odgers, Quintin (top novice overall), Janine Fleming & Debbie McCormick – 40

Thanks to VATS for hosting a wonderful evening!

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