I couldn’t put it better than Dave Moss: “What a great evening for everyone. 46 people for this function – 19 from Vats, 27 from Rats – The tasting was not easy…. as is most decision making in life!”

The top tasters were

Top Novice Taster- Shane Dean (Vats)
Top Taster of the Competition- Shane Dean (Vats)
Top Wine Club- Vats with 358 (Rats had 318)

To all the participants from Rats and Vats, just to say thank you!

Thanks also to Ian Grant for all the effort with the burgers … they were excellent!

Thanks to Geoff Carter for a challenging wine selection, well done Maestro!
Thanks to the Cellar Rats committee for organizing; well done!

And most heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and to all who took part in the tasting … Awesome evening, thank you to all who attended, that was fun!

The top ten tasters from VATS are;

Shane Dean 50 (Top novice, top taster)
Owen McDonald 47
Dave 39
Liz 38
Arnauldo Ansermino 34
Laura 32
Kevin Ryan 30
Anneke 30
Craig 29
Mike /Deeanne 29

The top ten tasters from Cellar Rats are;

Rudi Hiestermann 40
Barry Alport 32
Graham Fleming 32
Keith Bowen 31
Sarah Newton 31
Daphne Raymer 31
Carmen Snow 31 (CR top novice)
Bianca Marais 30
Janine Fleming 30
Sam Linsell 30

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